Swords in Art - Modern Samurai, Musketeer and Knight

  • by Adrian Dadich
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laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced like bread but not bead and bead is pronounced like lead but not lead

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Holland Roden @ MTV’s Music Video Awards, (2011 - 2014)

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If you’re ever feeling down remember Christopher Palu exists. 

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Martin’s comment on winning such a pretty pointy statue.


tatiana maslany being sarah being alison being donnie

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Not what I had in mind- note to self, avoid washes and maybe just stick to pencils… meh.

that sound? me faceplanting in my desk with frustration. One more. And fix his hairline in every second panel, haha. 


MCU Clint Barton: Rugged and Handsome Action Hero, defeats hordes of Chitauri without getting a scratch on him, lands sick jumps off skyscrapers, too cool to speak outside of quips

Comic Book Clint Barton: gets his ass kicked by russian gangsters in tracksuits on a daily basis, would probably eat floor pizza if Kate wasn’t around to stop him

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